Tips and likely frequently asked questions (FAQ)

On this page we try to gather together questions that might occur when using Acccelerando. Because the App is not very widely distributed yet, we've initially made these questions up. Hopefully this will change over time.

My scene contains an instrument, but nothing happens when I start the playback.

The single instrument emits a 'flying note', but which isn't attracted to or moved by anything else. This means the note can't ever collide with another identical note and become 'hot' for playback. You either need another instrument in the scene or you need to give the instrument a 'starting motion'. Then something will happen. There's more on this in the instructions.

When I move an instrument or make a starting movement, everything sticks too closely to the guidelines

Zoom closer into the scene with the two-finger motion. The stickiness is dependent on the level of zoom and becomes more subtle the closer you zoom in.

The sound crackles or turns off.

The number of sounds that Acccelerando can play (and still appear nice) is dependent on the capabilities of your device. Make sure that you have selected "Good" (and not "Better") in the audio quality settings. You can also try to turn off the drums or the background synthesizer (turn off in the settings). Naturally, this isn't the best.

The rhythm/beat of my scene is very bumpy and stumbles often.

Yes, you bring up an unfortunate issue. Android does not offer super-reliable functions for accurate exact beat timing. With Acccelerando we have tried to make the best out of this and will continue working to improve it. To keep your scene better in rhythm, you can try to use fewer instruments and notes in your scene or choose a slower tempo. It is very dependent on the capabilities of your device and what is happening at the time (Ex. if your device is downloading updates or performing other resource-intensive things).

When it is very bright, I can barely recognize anything on the screen. What can I change?

Select the settings in the toolbar, there under "Settings" you can set the background to "Bright." Everything will become markedly brighter.

Why does the App require "Full Internet Access" permission with installation?

So that in the unfortunate case of an crash, the data which led to the crash can be sent to the developer. In this case, basic data such as device information and programming lines of the crash are sent, but nothing private.

Why does the App require "Modify/Delete SD-Card Contents" permission with installation?

So that it can save your self-created scenes in the folder "/acccelerando" if you would like to share them with the world using the sharing-functions.

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