Demo Videos

The Acccelerando Android App comes with a lot of demo scenes. On this page you can find videos of this scenes, demonstrating the sonic and visual capabilities of Acccelerando. The demo scene are fully editable within the app and build a perfect starting point for your experiments.


The ethereal start-up scene.

Synthetic Disco

Electric, rhythmic, cheesy disco sound.


Relaxing piano tinkling. In this video you can watch the gravitational acceleration and collision of the note spheres.


Spooky melody. Best suited for your horror film soundtrack.

Closing Time

Acccelerando is perfect to produce elevator muzak jazz.


The sound of distorted electric guitars alone is no reason whatsoever to call it "rock", is it? This video was recorded with the "bright background" setting in Acccelerando.

These videos show only a small excerpt  of all the demo scenes available within the app.